Press Release Template

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FROM: [Court]
RE: [Court] using eCourtDate for Text Reminders

[Court] is excited to announce that we will now be using text messaging via eCourtDate. Text messaging saves the public both time and money by helping people remember their court date, jury service, and other events. According to [ContactPerson], ā€œeCourtDate is a great addition to our technology toolkit. We hope that the public finds it helpful." eCourtDate will also be used to alert the public to court closures due to inclement weather or COVID-19. Its waitlist and check-in features keep buildings safer by ensuring that only a certain number of people enter at a time. To receive texts from the court, simply include your cell phone number to the court whenever you provide them with contact information.

eCourtDate is a cloud-based messaging application designed for judicial, law enforcement, and criminal justice users. It is scalable, secure, fast and infinitely customizable.