Team Onboarding

Do not use any passwords or any type of credentials in team pages.

Team Onboarding Guide

If you have any questions or need assistance throughout this process, communicate with your team onboarding guide.

Getting Started

Set up your Google account with your full name and photo.

Your email is your

Enable 2-factor authentication using Google Authenticator (not SMS). Failing to enable two-factor authentication within three days will lock you out of your Gmail account.

Any further services should use your email.

Set up your email signature (see end of document).

Only use Google Chrome and your Google account for company work.

Set up a new browser profile that uses your email.

Only use this browser profile while doing company work.

Access your email ONLY from the Gmail web app or the Gmail mobile app.

Set up your Slack account using your here:

Add your photo, title, and phone number in Slack.

Make sure to download both the Slack desktop app and the Slack mobile app. The desktop app should be your primary go to app (not the web app).

Review the Slack notification preferences on both mobile and desktop as they are distinct.

Slack is how we communicate internally.

Prefer to use public channels to share updates or ask questions over private messages.

Write @name to tag specific people in your messages

Double check the Slack notification preferences to suit your role and preferences. All important alerts, from sales to support to issues are sent to Slack.

Set up your company phone number (send a request on #support channel if you don’t have one activated).

Install to reduce background noise.

Set up your calendar and make sure you share with your appropriate team members.

You should automatically see an calendar that shows any scheduled demos.

(IF YOU RECEIVE AN EMAIL INVITE FROM INTERCOM) Register on Intercom using your email.

Add your name and photo as a user.

Download the Intercom mobile app and allow notifications. This is what we currently use to provide chat support to our users.

Review what’s available to you as company resources in Google Drive.

Any documents should be made as a Google Document and shared with other team member’s (as appropriate). No Microsoft originated documents UNLESS the document was originally created by an external party.

Setup and use a USA VPN at all times while doing company work. If you do not have access to a VPN, ask the team onboarding guide.

Emoji Reference

To streamline communication and minimize white noise communication - we use certain emojis in responses to Slack messages.

  • ✔️ :heavy_check_mark: this indicates that the request/message is complete. Please only use this only if fully complete and not if the request is still in progress.
  • 👌 :ok_hand: this indicates "OK"
  • 👍 :thumbsup: this indicates "APPROVED" or "I AGREE"
  • 👎 :thumbsdown: this indicates "DECLINE" or "I DON'T AGREE"
  • :heavy_plus_sign: this indicates "I AGREE" or "I CONCUR"
  • 👀 :eyes: this indicates "SEEN" and is usually used as the first emoji when responding to a user or team member request
  • 📱 :iphone: this indicates that you have answered an inbound call and it is currently in progress
  • 🚀 :deploy: this indicates that the code has been DEPLOYED and is in transit. Usually in response to a bug and is an early indication that a fix is on the way.
  • 📋 :clipboard: this indicates that the request should be created as a Backlog ticket
  • 🎫 :ticket: this indicates that the request should be created as a User ticket