Whenever There is an eCourtDate Media Mention

Do not use any passwords or any type of credentials in team pages.

It's always great to see eCourtDate mentioned organically. Mentions contribute to building momentum, improve SEO, and increase customer leads. They are organic fertilizer for our budding enterprise.

To ensure we capture the most value of mentions, we should use the following steps whenever our brand name is mentioned:

  1. Research the source to ensure that they are not spammy, illegitimate, or otherwise disreputable. If unsure, double check with the marketing or team lead.
  2. Any international or non-English mentions should be reviewed by at least two team marketing team members.
  3. If legitimate, find a vector (if available) or otherwise the highest quality version of the source's logo. Provide the logo to #design in order to get a standardized version to be used on the website "In the Media" section.
  4. If the mention does not use a correct spelling of the brand name eCourtDate or ecourtdate or ecourtdate.com or eCourtDate.com are all acceptable. If there is any other variation, the marketing lead should contact the source to ask for an edit.
  5. Add the mention as an In the Media section via the media group in the Console Sections.
  6. If there is a commenting feature, business development or marketing lead should write an informative comment.
  7. (optional) Marketing lead should reshare the mention on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.