Team Calendar Templates

Do not use any passwords or any type of credentials in team pages.
Make sure to replace [AgencyName] with the correct Agency Name prior to saving the event.
Make sure to update the Time Zone to the user's local Time Zone prior to saving the event.

Pre Go-Live Meeting

Use this calendar template if the agency is ready to Go-Live. Prior to any Go-Live, we need an "eyes-on" review of the agency with the primary users where we will go through each checklist item individually to verify the app is configured as expected.

Any changes should be done immediately during the meeting. If there are changes that the users are unable to provide during the meeting, then another Pre Go-Live should be scheduled after the pending changes are provided and complete.

Once the configuration is approved and the simulated messages are reviewed, then a Go-Live DATE should be provided by the customer. All managed Go-Lives are scheduled to begin between 12pm - 2pm in the user's local time zone.

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Automation Overview (API and SFTP)

Use this calendar template if a new customer is interested in automating and has at least one internal technical resource. This meeting is intended for technical users such as Business Analysts, Application Programmers, anyone in an IT role.

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Use this template as the first-time agency onboarding.

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